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This is actually my first entry in this community, 'cause I didn't know how to write in one until today. I'm lame. I know..

Ok, so I'm Andre.
I've been sXe for about 2 years. Pretty much lived it all my life, just didn't claim it.Uhh, I'm caffiene free too. Probably gonna go vegetarian/vegan in the future..Haha.
I listen to Bound in Blood,(older)AFI, Bleeding Through, Bury Your Dead, Dead to Fall,xDEATHSTARx, Terror, Farewell to Yourself, Donny Brook, Minor Threat, First Blood, As I Lay Dying, 18 Visions,Throwdown, Floorpunch, Norma Jean and all this other stuff..
I mosh. I mosh a lot. Haha, at every show I go to..
I don't have any pictures as of now 'cause I lost the USB thing for my digital camera..
Yeah well, stop by my LJ. Leave a comment, I'll add you, add me if you want.

Bye bye
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