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Straightedge Tattoos [06 Feb 2006|02:14pm]
I am producing/directing a documentary on straightedge. I am looking for someone who is planning on getting a straightedge tattoo in the next couple of weeks within a few hours of the Cleveland, OH area. If this is you and you wouldn't mind being videotaped, reply here or contact me at cbogen@gmail.com for more information.

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[12 Jul 2004|12:15am]

[ mood | dead ]

dead dead dead

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[04 Jun 2004|09:23am]

i was just wondering if i could be part of this community.

pickup change or something.
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[25 May 2004|05:40pm]

[ mood | blah ]

wow. we need some promoting going on here. chop chop! :]

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[23 May 2004|11:31pm]

hello. im new...

location:new york
how long you've been edge:whole life-14
favorite bands:oh god, lots. tbs, afi, hot hot heat, sugarcult, bright eyes, modest mouse, minor threat, the early november, from autumn to ashes, norma jean, thrice, thursday, finch, poison the well, brand new, saves the day, something corporate, dashboard.. etc. etc.
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with glowing pride ill wear my scars [18 May 2004|05:40pm]

name: Danyell Noel
location: sunshine state
age: 14
how long you've been edge: 14 years
favorite bands: AFI, q and not u, the faint, the blood brothers, dead poetic, the early november, modest mouse,saves the day, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, the cure, the cranberries, Atreyu, Poison the well, bright eyes, the mars volta, beloved, coheed and cambria, thursday,

alright thanks guys!
stay true

X or shut up. [12 May 2004|01:52am]

[ mood | amused ]

name: nadia.
location: winnipeg, manitoba, canada.
age: 19 on the 4th of july.
how long you've been edge: always.
favorite bands: too many to list.

hello, i'm new.

i'm usually in opposition of most "edge" kids since they're in it for the fashion. it's disappointing (to say the least) when you see someone doing lines or drinking, while the X on his/her hand is barely faded since the other night. sell outs make me sick.

so, i just finished watching 'edge of quarrel' for the millionth time. anyone else like that movie? if you haven't seen it, you're missing out.

don't hate me too much, people. :)

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[21 Apr 2004|03:28pm]

This community is HELLA dead.

I'm leaving...bye all.

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[21 Mar 2004|01:03am]

[ mood | relaxed ]

This is actually my first entry in this community, 'cause I didn't know how to write in one until today. I'm lame. I know..

Ok, so I'm Andre.
I've been sXe for about 2 years. Pretty much lived it all my life, just didn't claim it.Uhh, I'm caffiene free too. Probably gonna go vegetarian/vegan in the future..Haha.
I listen to Bound in Blood,(older)AFI, Bleeding Through, Bury Your Dead, Dead to Fall,xDEATHSTARx, Terror, Farewell to Yourself, Donny Brook, Minor Threat, First Blood, As I Lay Dying, 18 Visions,Throwdown, Floorpunch, Norma Jean and all this other stuff..
I mosh. I mosh a lot. Haha, at every show I go to..
I don't have any pictures as of now 'cause I lost the USB thing for my digital camera..
Yeah well, stop by my LJ. Leave a comment, I'll add you, add me if you want.

Bye bye

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I'm New. [21 Mar 2004|12:56am]

[ mood | restless ]

Here's the basic info..

location: Carson (310)
how long you've been edge: 2 years claimed
favorite bands: AFI, Bound in Blood, Bury Your Dead, Bleeding Through, xDEATHSTARx, Dead to Fall, Comeback Kid,Farewell to Yourself,Terror, Swear to God, etc.. too many to name :)

Check my LJ if you want, comment, and add me if you want.

stay true

[06 Mar 2004|02:51pm]

so who is that red head thats posted on the main page?
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[02 Mar 2004|11:34pm]

god damnit we have to promote this community
go go go gogog ogogo!
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[26 Feb 2004|11:10pm]

[ mood | amused ]

name: Mary Jane
location: Watsonville California
age: 19
how long you've been edge: always
favorite bands: Los Crudos, Los DryHeavers, Uzi Suicide, Reverend Horton Heat, Horrorpops, Dead Milkmen, Elvis.

yeah, i was just searchin for an sxe community, but i feel kinda old here...

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new [16 Feb 2004|02:57pm]

name: Miranda
location: Lakewood, WA
age: 15
how long you've been edge: my whole life, but didn't know what it was until a year or two ago.
favorite bands: local bands. plus a ton of others.
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[13 Feb 2004|04:07pm]

I want to remind people to PLEASE FILL OUT A SURVEY when you join. That way, you can kind of introduce yourself to the other members.

stay true

yo. [02 Feb 2004|05:36pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

How long have you been sXe:for about 4 yrs. Ü
Bands:Underoath,Zao,hopesfall,avenged sevenfold,shai hulud,atreyu
glassjaw,symphony in peril,sinai beach,comeback kid,nodes of ranvier
this runs through,hanover saints
seventh star,figure four,converge,throwdown,#12,as i lay dying,himsa,eighteen visions,him,beloved,give up the ghost,agony scene,evergreen terrace

yea i know a shit load of bands :)


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[01 Feb 2004|02:05pm]
name: Ahra ( pronounce it Are-ah)
location: British Columbia, Canada
age: 13
how long you've been edge: Hm, about 5 months.
favorite bands: Taking Back Sunday, Thursday, Brand New

I have a question, I heard from some one that you arent allowed to kiss ( french kissing) if you are a straight edge...Is that true?
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survey thing. [01 Feb 2004|02:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

name: phil
location: x253x
age: 16
how long you've been edge: 3 years
favorite bands: comeback kid, converge, elliott, himsa, xhit the deckx, shockwave

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Maintainer survey...meh [01 Feb 2004|01:58pm]

name: Michel

location: Unincorporated King County, Washington state

age: 16

how long you've been edge: hmmm, since March of 2003 I believe.

favorite bands: Minor Threat (of course), The Postal Service, The Blood Brothers, Eighteen Visions, (some) A.F.I., The Kinison, Bright Eyes, etc. etc.....
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